“The invention of the unknown demands new forms.”

          - Rimbaud



Viz. Inter-Arts welcomes work in most media and genres including but not limited to poetry, prose, visuals, performance-writing, essays, videos or any combination thereof.   We are especially interested in trans-genre work and intermedia, including but not limited to prose poetry, visual-text, collage,  etc.

Please familiarize yourself with our current theme, “Interventions,” and Mission, then browse our Archive to become acquainted with the publication before submitting work.
E-mail inquiries and work to the editor:
Subject:  Viz.

Submissions due: No work is currently being solicited.  Check back.

Payment:  One copy to primary contributor(s).

Roxanne Power, Editor
Viz. Inter-Arts
Kresge College, 1156 High Street
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA.  95064