“The invention of the unknown demands new forms.”

          - Rimbaud



The first edition of Viz. Inter-Arts, Event, (2007) can be purchased for $23 plus tax.

The second edition, Viz. Inter-Arts: Interventions (2016) can be purchased for $32 plus tax.

For a Sneak Peek inside our newest edition, go to:  http://www.spdbooks.org/Products/Default.aspx?bookid=9780978621520

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Viz. Inter-Arts relies on the kindness of strangers in its effort to publish a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind inter-arts anthology series.  Please support us by purchasing or sponsoring us. Please contact the editor for sponsorship opportunities:  viz@ucsc.edu.

Sponsors will be listed prominently.

We are grateful that legendary kayak editor and poet/painter George Hitchcock is reinvigorating the poetry community at University of California, Santa Cruz with his financial support, and that this fresh start is nestled among the visual, performative, musical, film, and digital arts at the University’s college of the arts:  Porter.   The collaborative possibilities are infinite at these intersections.  We plan to explore them and extend them beyond our own generative geography–where the redwoods intersect the Pacific–to you.

Viz. welcomes your work and hopes you will support what you see here.