“The invention of the unknown demands new forms.”

          - Rimbaud



Viz. Inter-Arts Event was published in May 2007 and won an Independent Publisher Book Award in 2008.   Each large-format art book contains an envelope of broadsides, digitally reproduced “art posters” with collaborations between artists and poets such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti,  Kenneth Patchen,  Jerome Rothenberg, and more.  Purchase a book.


Front and back covers

Masthead, Table of Contents, and Introduction


Broadsides (Art Posters)

Kenneth Patchen (1 2 3 4)

Jerome Rothenberg and Nancy Tobin (1 2)

George Hitchcock (1 2)

Joe Brainard and Ron Padgett

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Momo

Clarence Major

Amy Trachtenberg

Sample Launch Event posters

San Francisco and LA area

Sample pages

Painters and Poets
George Hitchcock;  Jerome Rothenberg and Nancy Tobin;
Sky Power and Roxi Power Hamilton.

NY School Collaborations
Bill Berkson, Ron Padgett, Joe Brainard, George Schneeman.

Transcontinental Poetry reading
A Tribute to Kenneth Koch:  poets across the country streamed live.

Film/poetry:  Carl Rakosi/Anne Waldman/Ed BowesNeo-Benshi:  Live Film Narration.    Performance/poetry:  Paul Hoover.

Broadside collaborations:  Edwin Torres, Joan Retallack, Jeremy James Thompson, Lara Durback; Bob Holman

Essays: New Narrative; Poetry in a Time of Crisis
Kevin Killian; Poetry in a Time of Crisis:  Eileen Myles; Juliana Spahr.